Brady Cable lockout China Brand

Brady Cable lockout China Brand
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brady Cable lockout China Brand

Part No.: CB07

Cable lockout

a) Made from durable ABS,with insulation coated stainless steel cable .

b) Designed to effectively lock out a variety of energy isolation points as well as difficult-to-secure mechanical devices.Available with interchangeable cables,two cable diameter for your choice:3.2mm and 5mm.

c) Accepts up to 5padlocks for multiple lockout application.

d) Cable length and color can be  customized.


Part no.



Cable diameter 3.2mm,length 2.4m


Cable diameter 5mm,length 2.4m



What needs to be done on the surface of the safety lock?

 In the production process of security locks, its surface also needs to be treated. If the surface treatment is not in place, it also proves that it does not have better quality, so what kind of surface treatment is required for this lock? The first is the coloring process, because there are many locks that need to meet the eye-catching requirements. Under different usage environments, they need to be correspondingly alert, and this requires coloring it. Only in this way will it be made Can achieve better requirements, so this is very important.

In addition, mainly on its surface, it also needs some graphic processing. Under different circumstances, certain aspects of graphic display will inevitably be displayed, which will not only serve as a warning, but also play a corresponding role. Operation tips. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with it, and the processing of the entire graphic must meet the corresponding standards. If it cannot meet the corresponding requirements, it is difficult for the user to have their own satisfaction, so relatively speaking, this point It is also more important, but it also depends on the manufacturer.

In addition to the above, in the production of safety locks, it also needs to be galvanized on the surface. Because in the production environment, it has its own instability, and some are corrosive. If it is not treated in terms of it, it will be difficult for it to have a good life when it is used. Therefore, the surface treatment in this area is also very important, but different manufacturers will have different treatment performance, and some manufacturers will have difficulty in achieving the corresponding quality in the treatment, which will ultimately make it difficult for users to have better satisfaction during use Therefore, users also need to choose the manufacturer.