Auto Retractable Cable Lockout

Auto Retractable Cable Lockout
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Part No.: CB06

Auto Retractable Cable Lockout

a) Made from durable ABS, with stainless steel cable stored internally, anti-corrosive and temperature-resistant.

b) Push button self-winding mechanism retracts automatically to tightly cinch the cable, leaving no slack.

c) Designed to effectively lock out different types of disconnect switches and small gate valves.

d) With auto retractable function, it's easy to operate, compact and portable.

e) Accepts up to 8 padlocks for multiple lockout application, locking shackle max diameter 8mm.

f) Cable length and color can be customized.

Part no.



Cable diameter 1.5mm,length 2m

Electricity work do not lockout tag can not

In 2008, an employee at a factory shut the electricity without permission.

Resulting in the electrocution of a maintenance worker!

On August 8, 2008,

While the electrician was doing the repairs,

One of the power lines was found broken.

The pony immediately cut off power for repairs,

But he thought it would not be long,

You don't have a lockout tag operation,

No one was assigned to take care of it.

Xiao Wang in the machine shop,

Suddenly it was discovered that the power was off.

Xiao Wang went to find out the reason immediately. Xiao Wang didn't see any warning signs.

He shut off the electric switch without communicating with the pony. The pony was electrocuted to death.

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