ABS Body Steel Cable Car Seal Lockout

ABS Body Steel Cable Car Seal Lockout
Product Details

Part No.:  CS02-1.8S-256

ABS Body Steel Cable Car Seal Lockout

a)      Ideal for long term uses, each car seal is self locking. The only way to remove it is by cutting after the cable passed through the body.

b)      All car seals are laser print with individually numbering.

c)      The length of the cable can be customized.

d)     Colors can be customized, normally in red yellow, green and blue.


Part No.




Aluminum   alloy body, with galvanized cable

Cable   diameter 2.5mm, length 256mm


ABS   body, with steel cable

Cable   diameter 1.8mm, length 256mm


ABS   body, with insulation coated steel cable

Cable   diameter 1.8mm, length 256mm


Safety inspection and measures before maintenance

1. Inspect the scaffolding, lifting machinery, electric welding appliances, hand-held electric tools, wrenches, pipe tongs, hammers and other tools used in maintenance operations, and do not use the tools that do not meet the operation safety requirements.

2. Reliable power off measures shall be taken to cut off the power supply of the electrical appliances on the equipment to be repaired. After the power failure is confirmed by the startup review, the "do not start" safety sign shall be hung on the power switch and the lock shall be added. 

3. The gas protection equipment, fire fighting equipment, communication equipment, lighting equipment and other equipment used in the maintenance work shall be inspected by special personnel to ensure that they are in good condition and reliable and properly placed.

4. Check ladders, railings, platforms, iron grates and cover plates on the maintenance site to ensure safety and reliability.

5. The blind plates used for maintenance shall be inspected one by one, and the high-pressure blind plates shall be inspected before use.

6. Portable electrical instruments used for maintenance shall be equipped with leakage protection devices.

7. The maintenance site of corrosive media should be equipped with water source for flushing.

8. Warning areas and safety signs shall be set up at the inspection, maintenance, construction, hoisting and other work sites. The pits, Wells, depressions, ditches, steep slopes, etc. at the inspection and maintenance sites shall be filled up or the cover plates shall be laid flush with the ground.

9. Check, clear and inspect the fire fighting access and traffic access on site to ensure unimpeded access.

10. Lighting devices with sufficient brightness shall be provided in the workplaces requiring night maintenance.