Custom Steel Cable 3.8mm Dia.

Custom Steel Cable 3.8mm Dia.
Product Details

Part No.: CB05-C1M 

Adjustable Steel Cable

a) Cable: tough, flexible multi-stranded steel cable, with insulation plastic coated steel cable.

b) Cable length and color can be customized.

c) Ideal for locking out multiple circuit breaker panels and side-by-side gate valve lockout.


Part No.



Cable diameter 3.8mm, length 1 m


Cable diameter 3.8mm, length 2 m


Cable diameter 3.8mm, length 3 m



Management of exceptions

In order to ensure the safety of operations, operators may request additional isolation, locking measures. If the operator has doubts about the effectiveness of isolation and locking, he may request that all isolation points be tested again.

In special circumstances, if the valve or power switch of special size cannot be locked, after confirmation and written approval, only the warning sign may be hung without locking, but other auxiliary means shall be used to meet the requirements of locking.

The choice of locking facilities shall not only meet the locking requirements, but also meet the safety requirements of the operation site.


Before the inspection and maintenance operation, the person in charge of the operation project has not organized the territorial personnel and all the inspection and maintenance personnel to carry out the risk identification of the operation project, or the risk identification goes through the form or go through the process, and has not prepared the energy isolation plan and has been jointly confirmed by the territorial personnel and operation personnel, it is illegal command, immediately dismissed and notified.

If the inspection and maintenance personnel do not participate in risk identification and know the safety risks and preventive control measures of the project, the operation is illegal. Anyone has the right to stop the illegal operation. The project leader shall immediately correct the illegal behavior, criticize and educate the person in charge and record the illegal fact on the record.

Refusal to use personal locks, implementation of locking provisions, that is, for not obeying the employer's work arrangements, according to the seriousness of the circumstances, in accordance with the violation of the employer's rules and regulations punishment.

If the personnel of the unit where the maintenance equipment is located refuse to participate in risk identification and energy isolation scheme confirmation, they shall be deemed to have disobeyed the work arrangement, and shall be punished according to the violation of the rules and regulations of the unit according to the seriousness of the case.