Fish - Shaped Cable Lockout Locking Valves

Fish - Shaped Cable Lockout Locking Valves
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Part No.: CB04

Economic Fish-Shaped Cable Lockout

a) Lock body: made from ABS, with insulation plastic coated steel cable.

b) Accepts up to 6 padlocks for multiple lockout application.

c) Cable length and color can be customized.

d) Includes high-visibility, re-usable, write-on safety labels. The length of labels can be customized.


Part No.



Cable diameter 3.8mm, length 2 m


Absolute energy isolation for persons entering confined Spaces

When personnel need to enter sealed storage tanks, containers, deep pits and other confined Spaces, it is necessary to implement absolute energy isolation for these storage tanks, containers and other equipment, so as to completely separate potential external energy hazards from personnel in the confined space and ensure the safety of personnel in the confined space. The commonly used absolute isolation methods are as follows:

A) pipeline disassembly isolation method is to remove a section of short pipe from all inlet and outlet pipelines in a confined space to achieve absolute separation from potential hazard sources. The physical break shall be removed as close as possible to one end of the vessel and, if possible, the openings of all pipelines shall be closed with the correct specification of blind flange. All outfall connections to the confined space (if installed) shall be completely cut off and the open ends sealed with blind flange.

B) partition and double blind method, is a combination use of double block and emptying, and insert the blind flange, its method is to close the line in and out of the two control valves, and dump the medium between the two valve, in order to insert the blind flange to achieve absolute isolation, in the process of isolation should choose appropriate specifications of blind flange, the connection airtight containers should be completely cut off all the outfalls and blind flange seal open end.