Adjustable Cable Lockout master lock

Adjustable Cable Lockout master lock
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Adjustable Cable Lockout master lock

Part No.: CB07

Cable lockout

a) Made from durable ABS,with insulation coated stainless steel cable .

b) Designed to effectively lock out a variety of energy isolation points as well as difficult-to-secure mechanical devices.Available with interchangeable cables,two cable diameter for your choice:3.5mm and 5mm.

c) Accepts up to 5padlocks for multiple lockout application.

d) Cable length and color can be  customized.


Part no.



Cable diameter 3.5mm,length 2.4m


Cable diameter 5mm,length 2.4m

Good implementation of LOTO project

The other day, my friend Bob called and asked me how many locks would be needed for the factory to implement the locked LOTO program. I laughed. Why did the company need to implement the LOTO program? Bob answered and said to them, after the company risks cause false alarm accident occurred, the time to have A maintenance personnel to equipment work inside A homework, but I don't know someone to another post operators in equipment maintenance of boot device, fortunately, maintenance personnel at the time the location still leave room for emergency response, thank goodness! A consensus was reached during the review that hazardous sources should be shut down and isolated prior to maintenance. However, Bob's boss found the above danger again in the process of equipment maintenance during the field inspection recently. He hoped to improve the safety management control through locking, so he thought of me.

From previous work experience and customer feedback, many LOTO projects are started under such circumstances, that is, the senior leaders have an urgent need to attach importance to security.

The accident, especially the casualty accident, everyone who has experienced the accident, no matter the party concerned or the relevant personnel, in addition to the accident happened to feel distressed, will also be the follow-up accident to deal with matters busy. According to the time series of the accident, people would ideally think that if the safety control can be done in a certain key step before the accident, such as using LOTO to control the dangerous energy source, all accidents can be avoided, so locking the dangerous energy source with a lock is an indispensable part of LOTO. However, can locks alone be a good implementation of the LOTO project? It's not enough. In reality many factories are already have LOTO lock and management program, but is still in the execution will produce accident due to neglect LOTO, some companies have a LOTO lock for not supporting synchronous after equipped with a complete control system instead of cause have to complete the illusion of energy isolation lock management, namely form what we call "trap" safety organization. Therefore, it is difficult to summarize the success of LOTO promotion simply as a single factor, such as the use of locks, but the lack of locks can easily lead to accidents caused by the isolation failure of dangerous energy sources.

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