Adjustable Wire Cable Lockout

Adjustable Wire Cable Lockout
Product Details

Part No.: CB03

Adjustable Steel Cable Lockout

a) Lock body: made from industrial durable nylon, and insulation coated steel cable.

b) Designed to effectively lock out a variety of isolation points, including gate valves, “T” valve handles, electrical disconnects, and much more.

c) The handle is designed to operate the device without any tools needed.

d) Cable length can be customized.

e) Accepts up to 8 padlocks for multiple lockout application.

Part No.



Cable diameter 3.8mm, length 2 m

 6 拷贝

General procedure for Lockout tagout

Prepared work recognition - processing - Lockout tagout - confirmation test - surrender equipment - site acceptance - to complete the unlock

Work to identify

Identify the energy designed to work and determine if Lockout tagout is required

Clear filter net operation is not locked, execute single operation card

No locking is required for heat-tracing rectification and leak elimination operations below 1.0mpa, and corresponding inspection and maintenance procedures shall be implemented.

Process to prepare

Stop, flush, drain, etc

According to the energy and material properties, select the isolation method and matching disconnect and isolation facilities.

Fill in the Lockout tagout list and lock record

Lockout tagout

Lock multiple isolation points

The project leader of the territorial unit or his representative shall use collective locks to lock at more than 2 isolation points. Others use individual locks to lock the keys to group locks.

According to the Lockout tagout list, appropriate locks should be selected for the isolation facilities that have completed isolation, warning signs should be filled in, and collective locks should be used to Lockout tagout the isolation points.

Others use individual locks to lock the keys to group locks.

Where isolation of electrical and instrumentation is involved, territorial units shall provide electrical and instrumentation professionals with the required number of collective locks in the same group, and the electrical and instrumentation professionals shall perform Lockout tagout.

All operators should confirm Lockout tagout at isolation points. After the collective lock key is put into the lock box, the guardian locks the lock box with a personal lock.

The operator locked the lock box with a personal lock. If the operator does not have a personal lock, he/she should register it with the territorial unit in advance and return it after the operation.