Cable Lockout Device

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Part No.: CB03 

Cable Lockout Device
Safety cable lockout
Lockout Tagout continues to be one of the most highly cited and audited regulations by OSHA. These economical and compact devices are highly visible and will quickly become a staple lockout device in any facility.

    1. Made from industrial durablenylonwith insulation coated stainless steel rope in red. .

    2. Designed to effectively lock out a variety of isolation points,including gate valves, "T" valve handles, electrical disconnects, and much more.

    3. Different cable length available.

    4. The color of device and cable can be customized.




Equip with 4mm dia cable, length 2.0Mtr

5 (2) 拷贝      


Chemical equipment overhaul

Chemical production has the characteristics of inflammable, explosive, toxic, high temperature, high pressure, corrosion and so on. Therefore, in the chemical production, all kinds of accidents will follow, smooth production is out of the question.

Any accidents in the chemical production, is not accidental, it is often the safety consciousness is not strong, safety responsibility, safety management entities omissions, or by operation, illegal command, in violation of the operating rules of the accident is the most direct performance generally equipment damage and casualties, or sometimes large catastrophic consequences. There is no doubt that in chemical production, it is particularly important to strengthen equipment safety management through strict safety education.

Safety in production is our eternal theme, which concerns the safety of enterprises and lives and the safety of state property. We will fully implement the policy of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management". We should always keep in mind the lessons of safety accidents, implement the management system, strengthen safety responsibility, do a good job in self-discipline and discipline, to create a better tomorrow!