Circuit Breaker Blocking Bar Lockout Systems

Circuit Breaker Blocking Bar Lockout Systems
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Part No.:GCBL01 

Circuit Breaker Blocking Bar Lockout Systems
Circuit breaker blocking bar lockout systems are the perfect lockout solution for oversized or irregularly shaped switches. Combine with self-adhesive backed rails to install the blocking bar system onto an electrical panel. Color-coded bars will indicate which position the device is locked in.

Overhaul electrical safety measures

1. The operation shall be carried out by qualified personnel specializing in electrical test and commissioning in strict accordance with relevant test and commissioning rules. Safety measures for test and commissioning must be formulated in advance and reported to the leading group for installation and maintenance, the company's leaders or the person in charge of safety for approval and implementation.

2. Obvious safety warning lines and warning signs shall be set around the test site, and special personnel shall be assigned to watch at each danger point. If both ends of the tested equipment are not in the same place, the other end shall be assigned to watch. And make records of people coming in and going out. 

3. Implement guardianship system and take safety measures. In the installation and maintenance of electrical primary and secondary equipment must be tagout "someone work, is prohibited to close" or "maintenance, is prohibited to close", in the adjacent interval with operating electrical equipment part should be tagout "equipment is in operation" "electrical danger" and other signs; The grounding switch or connecting grounding (life saving) line must be closed on the equipment being repaired or to be repaired in the case of power failure.

4. During the pressure test, operators should wear insulating shoes, gloves and insulation pads on the ground.