Loto Devices For Breakers

Loto Devices For Breakers

Part No.: CBL32 Grip Tight Circuit Breaker Lockout a)Made from rugged ABS. b)Fit wide or tall breaker toggles typically found on hi-voltage/hi-amperage breakers. c)Can be easily operated without any tools. d)Hole diameter: 10mm.


Part No.: CBL32

Grip Tight Circuit Breaker Lockout

a) Made from rugged ABS.

b) Fit wide or tall breaker toggles typically found on hi-voltage/hi-amperage breakers.

c) Can be easily operated without any tools.

d) Hole diameter: 10mm.


Part No.



Max clamping 15mm

Operation card and maintenance card management system

Purpose 1.

This system is formulated for the purpose of safety management between price operation and maintenance, to avoid personal injury accidents between equipment and operators, production and maintenance.

2. Scope of application

This system applies to the key post inside the factory and the operation and maintenance of main machinery, electrical equipment.

3. Terms and descriptions

3.1 operation plate: it is the only instruction plate that the production operators have the right to operate the equipment. The production safety confirmation system is strictly implemented. Those without operation plates are not allowed to operate the equipment.

3.2 maintenance plate: it is a warning sign set up by maintenance personnel to ensure safety and avoid misoperation of equipment during maintenance.

3.3 safety production confirmation system: it is the general term of confirmation, confirmation and confirmation, that is, before each operation and action, the object to be operated must be confirmed, feasible and accurate.

3.4 contents of confirmation system: including three aspects: operation confirmation system, contact and echo, and walking confirmation system.

4. Management of operation card and maintenance card

4.1 operating card is the only certificate for operating equipment. Those without operating card are prohibited from operating equipment. The operator of the equipment loses the right to operate the equipment when he hands over the operating card to another person.

4.2 the operation card is an indispensable part of the handover and shall be transferred together with the equipment.

4.3 under normal production conditions, the operation plate shall be placed in a fixed position in the operating room, and the operator shall be responsible for keeping and cleaning the surface. No taking without the consent of the monitor or group leader. If need to take out, the operation card by take away custody, take away return.

4.4 under normal production conditions, the maintenance plate shall be stored in the equipment maintenance team, and the maintenance team leader shall ask for the maintenance plate. After the maintenance, the maintenance plate shall be returned.

4.5 before the maintenance starts, maintenance personnel and operators shall communicate with each other, make clear the maintenance content and maintenance starting and ending time, and then exchange the operation card and maintenance card. If the maintenance card is not hung on the operating platform and the operation card is not taken away from the operating platform, the maintenance equipment shall not be allowed.

4.6 during maintenance, the operation plate shall be kept by the maintenance personnel, and the maintenance plate shall be hung on the operating table.

4.7 after the maintenance, tools and parts are not allowed to be left on the equipment. Only after all the operators are evacuated to the safety area, can they exchange their work plates. Then follow the instructions to resume normal production.

4.8 when multiple maintenance types (electricians, riveters, fitters, welders, etc.) carry out maintenance work on the same equipment, one person shall be responsible for handling the work card exchange procedures in advance, and shall be responsible for keeping the operation card.

4.9 if the operator refuses to hand over the operation plate to the maintenance personnel, it indicates that the operator does not agree to carry out inspection or repair at that time. If there is any dispute, the team leader or unit leader shall coordinate to solve it. However, maintenance work shall not be carried out before reaching an agreement and exchanging the work plate.

4.10 when the equipment is not working normally or there may be an accident, the safety department, dispatching department and relevant supervisors shall have the right to take away the operation card and promptly notify the relevant units and personnel.

4.11 the operation plate shall be properly kept, and any loss shall be reported immediately. The equipment shall not be used without reissuance. In special cases, it shall be approved by the factory director or director and shall be used after going through temporary procedures.

4.12 when mechanical repair, electrical repair and any equipment operators cut off power, they must implement the plant health and safety no. 69 "equipment maintenance and power failure listed system". Operation card by the production safety department unified production issued, the relevant units fill in the attached form "welded pipe fret factory operation card management registration form".

Violation of this system according to the factory "safety production assessment measures" implementation.

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