Lockout Lock Miniature Breaker Mcb Lockout

Lockout Lock Miniature Breaker Mcb Lockout

Part No.: PIS Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout P in in standard circuit breaker lockout M ini circuit breaker lockout Circuit Breakers are a cost efficient, versatile alternative to wire fuses and also double up as a mains power lockoff. However, if someone is performing maintenance on a system...


Part No.: PIS

Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout

a) Made of engineering plastic strengthened nylon PA.

b) Applied for most existing types of European and Asian circuit breakers.

c) Suggested to be equipped together with a padlock for added safety.

d) Easily installed, no tools needed.

e) Can take padlocks with a shackle diameter up to 9/32" (7.5mm).

f) Available for single and multi-pole breakers.


Part No.



POS (Pin Out Standard), 2 holes required, fit up to 60Amp


PIS (Pin In Standard), 2 holes required, fit up to 60Amp


POW (Pin Out Wide), 2 holes required, fit up to 60Amp


TBLO (Tie Bar Lockout), no hole in breakers required

4 拷贝

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