Mini Circuit Breaker Pin Out Lockout

Mini Circuit Breaker Pin Out Lockout
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Part No.: POS 

Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout
Pin out standard MCB lockout

Miniature Breaker Lockouts require NO TOOLS to install! Standard "Pin" style lockouts install easily with the aid of a push button. Lockouts are available for single and multi-pole breakers. Recommended to lock withSafety padlocks or other lightweight padlock with shackle diameter up to 9/32". Lockouts are made of glass-filled nylon.

  1. Made of Nylon.

  2. Applied for most existing types of European and Asian circuit breakers.

  3. Suggested to equipped together with a padlock for added safety

  4. Easily installed, no tools needed.

  5. Can take padlocks with a shackle diameter up to 7mm.

  6. Available for single and multi-pole breakers.


Part No.



POS (Pin Out Standard), 2 holes required, fit up to 60Amp


PIS (Pin In Standard), 2 holes required, fit up to 60Amp


POW (Pin Out Wide), 2 holes required, fit up to 60Amp


TBLO (Tie Bar Lockout), no hole in breakers required

Mechanical isolation - Blind plate/blind flange

Blind flange isolation

The use of a blind plate blinds areas associated with the operating area that may cause energy leakage. Ensure that isolated energy sources are not released at a cost to human health and the environment.

Install at the end of an open pipe or valve

A blind or flange of the corresponding pressure level (marked on the side of the flange) must be used

The vent and drain valve are opened to prevent pressure buildup

Precautions for blind plate isolation

Prior to installation, confirm that the equipment has been decompressed and emptied

The installed blind plate must meet the requirements of the pressure class. The blind plate must be checked for corrosion or other damage before use

Personnel should stand on the side to separate the flange to prevent possible liquid or gas injection to the human body injury

A new gasket must be used when installing a permanent blind

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