No Hole Tie Bar Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout

No Hole Tie Bar Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout
Product Details

Part No.: TBLO 

Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout
Tie bar circuit breaker lockout

  1. Made of a durable glass-filled nylon

  2. Safe and effective method for locking out miniature circuit breakers

  3. Recommended to lock with lightweight Compact Safety Padlocks, and can accept up to 9/32" shackle diameter(7mm).

  4. Require no tools to install! Easily installs with a convenient thumb wheel

  5. Tie Bar style lockouts have a convenient thumb wheel for quick application.

  6. Available for single and multi-pole breakers.


Part No.


POS (Pic. 1)

Pin Out Standard, 2 holes required, hole spacing ≤12mm fit up to 60Amp

PIS (Pic.2)

Pin In Standard, 2 holes required, hole spacing ≤12mm, fit up to 60Amp


Pin Out Wide, 2 holes required, hole spacing ≤12mm, fit up to 60Amp


Tie Bar Lockout, no hole in breakers required,hole spacing ≤12mm


Case Study Of Lockout Tagout3

Case 3

Accident description: in 2010, the acidizing oil workshop of yihai aksu branch was stopped for maintenance, and some cotton seed oil oil feet were still left before the oil foot tank stopped. During the overhaul, a company in changshu, jiangsu province was carrying out partial renovation of the acidizing oil workshop.

Morning, are good sea aksu branch factory acidification oil workshop construction of jiangsu changshu company personnel, in the welding a root to acidification oil workshop of salting out oil foot cans of pipeline, with a huge pipeline memory in solvent gas flame immediately caused a fire, burning flame quickly from the line to the tank after salting out oil foot, salting out and makes the foot pot burning explosion. Three people were killed and six seriously injured at the scene. The acidizing oil workshop was seriously damaged.

Cause of accident: after the shutdown of the equipment, there is still residual fuel inside, and complete energy isolation and equipment inspection are not conducted; The external construction personnel are not familiar with the distribution of hazardous substances and carry out dangerous operations without knowing, causing explosions.

Improvement: the workshop shall conduct safety inspection on the working environment and isolate dangerous energy before the operation of external personnel. And inform the external personnel of the location of dangerous energy, do the corresponding work to ensure the safety of construction, operation.