Circuit Breaker Lockout Without Tools

Product Details

Part No.: CBL02-2

Easily Installed Convenient Electrical Circuit Breaker Lockout without tools

Locks out most types of moulded case circuit breakers
Lock out 1 - 4 pole circuit breakers

a) Made of ruged reinforced nylon PA.
b) Suitable for double pole breaker lockout, Multi pole breaker lockout
c) Suitable for 2 to 4 poles miniature circuit breakers
d) 8mm padlock hole, max clamping 13mm.
e) Very convenient without any tools. 



Part No.



Easily Installed Convenient Electrical Circcuit Breaker Lockout

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The main function of circuit breaker safety lock is to lock the equipment or energy source, so that operators can effectively control the release of energy when maintaining the equipment or energy source, prevent the occurrence of accidents, so as to protect the safety of operators.

Circuit breaker lock working principle

A circuit breaker generally includes a case, an element in the case and a handle whose end extends over the surface of the case. The operator can move the handle up and down to realize the opening and closing of the circuit breaker.

The circuit breaker shall be kept in a certain state during equipment overhaul or maintenance. In order to prevent wrong operation, locks are used to hold the handle of circuit breaker in the existing technology to prevent handle from being moved.

Standard "security lock" procedure

Personnel responsibilities at all levels

1. Responsible person (section chief):(section chief staff of the workshop)

(1) confirm that the equipment should be safely locked according to the maintenance project; 

(2) to ensure that before their work and all involved in the maintenance, in strict accordance with this procedure for the safety of the relevant equipment locked; 

(3) responsible for the management of the locks held, and after the supervision work, all the locking personnel have unlocked the locks; 

2. On-site maintenance personnel and professional electrical personnel :(maintenance personnel and electrical personnel)

(1) carefully execute this locking procedure, and lock the device that needs to be locked;

(2) self-management of the locks held; 

(3) after the completion of the work, according to the provisions to remove their locks.