Mcb Lock Dog Lock Out Off Lockout

Mcb Lock Dog Lock Out Off Lockout
Product Details

Part No.: CBL08

Multi-Functional Circuit Breaker Lockout 

Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout with Lazy Screws is the lockout with a lazy screw, easy to use with hands.

a)      Made from engineering plastic strengthened nylon PA and brass screw.

b)      Self-locking screws, easy to lock without tools.

c)      Wide range of uses: suitable for all kinds of small and medium sized MCCBs, and any miniature circuit breakers (handle width≤14mm).


Part No.



Accept up to 1 padlock with shackle diameter ≤ 10mm


Mechanical isolation - Double isolation and emptying

Single valve assembly that seals the pipe by closing the valve on the main line with a relief valve between the valves

Double isolation and empting have two valves closed with a relief valve in the middle

Automatic valves should not be used for isolation. If used, the valve must be closed and then disabled

The pressure relief valve shall be sized to meet the requirements for the maximum possible discharge that can be passed when the isolation valve is closed

Process control valves cannot be used as basic isolation

Main valves shall be identified by a unique code

Lock the valve in the closed position

The vent and relief valve are opened to prevent pressure buildup

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