MMCB Lockout With Handle

MMCB Lockout With Handle
Product Details

Part No: CBL01-2

Scope: 1-4 pole circuit breakers

Material: Nylon

Unit: Piece

Weight: 22.4g

Part No.: CBL01-2

Moulded Circuit Breaker Lockout

a) Made from nylon.

b) Fits on breaker toggles and can be tightened without TOOL.

c) Lock out 1-4 pole circuit breakers

d) Can take a padlock with shackle diameter up to 8mm


Part No.



Moulded case circuit breaker lockout

How can the connection between two circuit breakers be closed and not closed at the same time?

A method of mechanical interlocking. Low voltage circuit breakers are generally available with interlock accessories (connected by steel cables in the middle), and high voltage generally adopts program locks.

Another method is electrical interlocking, that is, the normally closed contact of another circuit breaker is connected in the circuit of circuit breaker so that the circuit breaker cannot be closed. The drawback of this method is that it cannot prevent manual closing.

Safety lock equipment is a kind of planned safety protection equipment to prevent the accidental opening. Many industrial safety accidents can be avoided by adopting appropriate safety/lock equipment.

The principle of "secure locking"

When personnel enter the equipment and close to the dangerous parts of the equipment for inspection and maintenance, the power supply shall be cut off for safety locking management of the equipment, to ensure that the equipment is in the closed state, to avoid the equipment being mistakenly operated by others to start, to ensure the personal safety of operating personnel management principles.

Security lock range

1. Personnel shall be locked safely when entering the space of power equipment and facilities;

2. Power and electrical equipment inspection and maintenance shall be safely locked; 

3, power machinery, rotating equipment, transmission equipment inspection and maintenance shall be safe lock (including mill, crusher, fan, bucket lift, reamer, zipper machine, powder separator, electric dust collector, hammer, plate feeding machine, belt machine, mining mobile equipment, etc.); 

4, inspection and maintenance of related equipment (upstream, downstream and ancillary equipment) must be synchronized for safety locking.