Loto Emergency Stop Button Lockout

Loto Emergency Stop Button Lockout
Product Details

Part No.: SBL03-1

Emergency Stop Button Lockout

a) Made from durable transparent PC.

b) It prohibits access to a switch or control.

c) Horse-show shaped retrpfit base can be used on raised nameplates and off-center installation to accommodate rotary switch knobs.

d) Accommodates buttons up to 50mm diameter and 45mm tall.

e) Fits both 30.5mm and 22 mm diameter switches.


Part NO.



Accepts lock shackles up to 8mm in diameter.

Measures for the management of machine lockout and tagout


This instruction is formulated to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel, and to prevent accidents caused by misoperation by operating personnel and overload of equipment during operation.

Content description:

All the operation and maintenance personnel of the company must follow the principle of safety first >.

All related machines and equipment of the company are forbidden to operate by non-related operators.

The operator of the company's machine and equipment should turn on the power when he/she is on duty to ensure the safety of production.

The operator should cut off the power and hang up the stop card when leaving the work table to ensure the production safety.

Turn off the power supply of the equipment to be maintained and the power supply in the electric box. After turning off the power supply in the electric box, lock the electric box with a lock head to ensure the personal safety of the maintenance personnel during the equipment maintenance.

The lock head of the electric box shall be kept by the maintenance personnel themselves, and it is forbidden to entrust others to keep it.

Label: "maintenance" mark shall be hung on the maintenance equipment rack, and "production" mark shall be hung on the maintenance equipment rack.

Note: if the machine or equipment is not produced, please turn off the power supply of the internal and electrical box power supply equipment.

The maintenance personnel should use the pen to detect whether there is any return or leakage of the equipment before the maintenance, so as to prevent the accidental release of the current and lead to the accident of the pen.

The company has the relevant equipment operators must strictly follow the safety production operation process, strictly prohibit the arbitrary operation, eliminate unnecessary disaster accidents.