Push Button Bock Out Device

Push Button Bock Out Device
Product Details

Part No.: SBL09  SBL10

Push Button Bock Out Device

a) Made from duiable transparent PC

b) Fits on press or screw emergency stop button.

c) Easily used and permanently prevent workers from operating carelessly.

d) Fits both 22.5mm-30mm diameter switches.


Part no.



Hole diameter:22.5mm;inner height:47mm


Hole diameter:30min; inner height:47mm


Power off device with stop/emergency stop button

Emergency stop/stop button

Can only stop the control current, can't really disconnect the power!

Others can restore at will, boot

The proper use of power off devices can ensure that fate is in your own hands!

Circuit disconnection: 6 - step energy - breaking method

Stop, break, lock, shout, test, do

Stop - stop with emergency stop or stop button

OFF - the energy breaker is screwed to OFF state "OFF"

Lock lock -

Shout - shout to get someone to stand aside as a reminder

Verify - press the boot button to verify that the lock is locked correctly

Do - start working according to operating instructions

Circuit response:

Solution, pass, shout, open

Solve - unlock

The on-off energy breaker is screwed to the position where the energy is switched ON.

Shouting - Shouting "stand aside" to alert others

Turn on - start with the start button