Wall Switch Button Lockout

Wall Switch Button Lockout
Product Details

Part No.:WSL21

Wall Switch Button Lockout

a) Made from transparent high-strength glass resin PC material.

b) Permanently installed on the wall switch or switch and other electrical appliances, you need to open the lock to operate.

c) Removable base and side parts.Hole design on both sides, can also lock the plug on the wall, not easy to pull out.

d) Can be fixed by tapping screws or 3M double-sided tape.


Part No.



Size of the base:75mm×75mm &  88mm×88mm

The purpose and method of mechanical protection

Objective: to control work-related hazards through a systematic plan to provide and maintain adequate safeguards, coverings, interlocks, and similar safeguards on all machines.

Protective device - a protective device used to protect against various hazards, including exposure to rotating or vibrating machine parts, heated machine parts, live electrical, infrared, etc.

Interlock - a device used to prevent the operation of a machine that lacks proper protection.

The above professional explanation is not very tedious wow, to put it simply, mechanical protection is to eliminate the potential danger of movement, the method is to protect and interlock.

Requirements for mechanical protection

Mechanical equipment must be four in four:

Where there is a wheel, there is a hood

Every shaft has its sleeve

Every table has its silo

Where there is a hole, there is a cover

Lock the listing LOTO

Applicable to all machines in mondelez plant, all personnel in mondelez, such as on-site employees, suppliers, etc. All maintenance, production cleaning, maintenance, and removal of the fixed cover should be strictly subject to the lockout procedures. Lockout tagout is carried out to avoid injury to personnel due to accidental mechanical electrification, start-up, or accidental release of stored energy.

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