Combined Lockout Storage And Group Lockout Box

The Combined Lockout Storage and Group Lockout Box from Lockey is a handy box which can be used as a lockable storage compartment and a group lockout compartment.


Type No.: LK05 LK06

Combined Lockout Storage and Group Lockout Box


a)        The Combined Lockout Storage and Group Lockout Box is a handy box which features a lockable storage compartment and a group lockout compartment.

b)        Made of heavy duty steel, powder coated for extra rust resistance; group lockout compartmen has clear PC window with keyhole slot.

c)        Use one lock on each energy control point and place the keys in the lockout box; each worker then places his own lock on the box to prevent access.

d)       Each employee retains exclusive control, by placing his own lock on the lockout box containing the keys to the job locks.

e)        As long as any one worker’s lock remains on the lockout box, the keys to the job locks contained inside cannot be accessed.

Part No.



Combined Lockout Storage and Group Lockout Box, size 3180mm×190mm×150mm


Combined Lock Storage and Group Lock Box, size 3810mm×2670mm×2290mm

Lockout Station

The lockout workstation is divided into integrated advanced security lockout workstation, modular advanced lockout workstation, metal lock rack, portable lock rack, portable common lock box, lock management station, key management station, etc

Key storage device designed for locking of large equipment

Each lock point on a device is secured by a single lock. Put all the keys together in the lock box, and then each authorized worker locks his own padlock on the box

When the work was done, the workers took their padlocks away from the lockers, and the keys inside the lockers were taken. Only when the last worker removes his lock can the keys inside be retrieved.

Standardize the access rights and procedures for loto lock station keys.

Scope of application

The term specification applies to all operations involving the loto lockout station switch.

The program

The key of lockout station is kept by designated persons in each area, and the key is borrowed and used by others.

Personnel other than those listed in the schedule cannot keep or configure the key privately.

Key handover is prohibited

If it is necessary to take the keys for handover, it is necessary to contact the key keeper in the area to open the lockout station, and to fill in the "loto lock requisition record" after receiving the required locks. After using, it is necessary to notify the key keeper to open the lockout station and fill in the remaining information of "loto lock requisition record" again.

The key keeper shall confirm whether the type and quantity of the planned locks are accurate and whether the locks are damaged.

If the key is lost, it should be reported to the regional supervisor in time, get the spare key and record it for record.

If you cannot find the custodian, you should get it from the designated keeper of the spare key and fill in the record of obtaining the spare key.

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