Trigger Lock

Trigger Lock
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Part No.: TLT01

Trigger Gun Lock 

a) Made from steel and plastic. Strong material anti rust.

b) Quick, easy push-together installation over trigger.

c) Top security system.


Part No.



Trigger Gun Lock with 2 keys


Trigger Gun Lock with security code


First of all, safety awareness is the concept that production must be safe established in people's minds. It is also a state of alert and vigilance that people are likely to cause harm to themselves or others in various external environmental conditions in production activities. Production safety refers to personal safety, equipment safety, product safety and transportation safety in industrial production. It follows the policy of "safety first, prevention first" and takes not hurting others, not hurting oneself and not being hurt by others as the standard.

1. Three violations in safe production:

(1) violation of rules and regulations; (2) illegal operations; (3) command in violation of regulations.

2. The three main reasons for unsafe behaviors are:

Don't know the correct operation method; Develop the correct operation method but in order to save trouble omitted the necessary steps; (3) according to their own habits.

3. The six most common psychological states affecting the safety of employees:

Self-expression psychology; (2) empirical psychology; (3) fluke psychology; (4) conformity psychology and abnormal psychology; 6. Reverse psychology.

4. Seven features of production safety accidents:

(1) causality; (2) contingency; (3) necessity; (4) potential; (5) reproducibility; 6. Predictability; 7. Regularity.