10 Lockout tagout principles

10 Lockout tagout principles

Oct 03, 2019

10 Lockout tagout principles

(1) before starting the lock/hang the label, the identification of possible dangerous energy;

(2) before the operation, determine the work of the relevant energy isolation measures have been in place;

(3) where the lock can be used, do not hang the label alone, in the place where the lock can not be used, develop a special hang the label procedure, take measures equivalent to the lock;

(4) personnel entering the locked area should be aware of the dangers to which they may be exposed;

(5) the state of Lockout tagout should be timely communication with the relevant operating personnel;

6. Before energy removal and isolation, to identify energy hazards clearly;

(7) verify the effectiveness of energy isolation measures;

8) for all electrical hazards, must be carried out power cut test;

9) at any time, isolating "power sources" is more important than saving time, money, trouble, convenience, or productivity;

Attending "lock up" and "dangerous prohibit operation card" are sacrosanct measures.