2.27 hanging accident

2.27 hanging accident

Mar 28, 2020

2.27 hanging accident

Accident history:

In February 2012, zhao mou first day, auxiliary workers near pit was arranged to break from work to clean up the leak, when cleaning the account under the conveyor material leakage, by the drum skirt (wearing soldier coat, not QQ), would zhao mou the people involved, the operator found quickly downtime, the library sent to hospital.

Cause of accident:

1. Assisted zhao in not wearing labor protection safety products as required, and cleaning the belt conveyor in operation according to the Lockout tagout operation rules (stop the machine and put the lock on when cleaning the leakage material).

2. The company has not conducted comprehensive training for new employees.

Safety personnel of the accident potential protection measures are insufficient (no drum set up protective cover, protective fence).

Enlightenment and corrective measures:

To strengthen the post training, enhance the post safety knowledge training. Conscientiously implement the equipment inspection management system, improve the job skills.