9.19 analysis of high fall accidents

9.19 analysis of high fall accidents

Mar 07, 2020

9.19 analysis of high fall accident in maintenance center

1. Brief history of the accident

At about 15:30, the electrician will cut off the power supply of the sliding line of no.15 crane. Zhao and other maintenance workers will go to the no.15 crane to do the preparation work. The welding work is to weld each channel steel of 80mm * 900mm to the lower end of the girder of the crane. At the beginning, the south by liu welding, welding the most north a section, the group leader li arranged zhang to welding, zhao to support. At that time two people are wearing seat belts, due to two people's position is not suitable, by zhao welding, zhang holding. About 16:00, channel steel welding, li mou put up the new channel, in the process of a new channel steel, zhao mou stood on the new welding of steel channel from the ground (about 5-6 meters high), channel steel falling suddenly, zhao mou with channel steel, a seat belt in the process of falling will he lived, but due to shock, seat belts, zhao mou fell and fell to the ground.

3. Cause analysis of the accident

1) the newly welded channel steel is not firmly welded. The direct cause of the accident is that zhao started welding when he stepped on the newly welded channel steel.

2) maintenance worker zhao had a weak safety awareness and did not strictly implement the safety confirmation system before the operation, so that the safety belt continued to be used in the case of damage, which was the main cause of the accident.

3) maintenance worker zhang mou as the mutual insurance object of zhao mou, did not strictly implement the safety mutual insurance system, is the secondary cause of the accident.

3. Lessons and enlightenment from the accident (or preventive measures)

(1) safety protective equipment, appliances, spars and rope covers must be confirmed before all kinds of operations. 

(2) resolutely implement the production safety confirmation system, mutual guarantee system and listing system, and do not violate regulations, take risks or operate blindly.