Accident of screwing of screw conveyor

Accident of screwing of screw conveyor

Mar 25, 2020

Accident of screwing of screw conveyor

Accident history:

In September 2004, a cement factory packaging workshop, the staff to carry out the pouring work, after the boot, the warehouse is not the material, then hand-held steel pipe, standing on the spiral conveyor on the bottom of the library. After unloading, the warehouse was ready to come down, only to find that due to the foot wearing foam slippers, difficult to move, the center of gravity is unstable, disorderly left foot just stepped into the screw conveyor upper 10cm wide gap, the running machine will be its feet and legs twisted into. Stop the car immediately and turn the wheel in the opposite direction, then pull the leg out, resulting in the high amputation of the left leg.

The cause of the accident

1. The packers did not wear protective equipment as required, but wore foam slippers and walked on the uneven machine. Stepping into the machine gap was the direct cause of the accident.

2. The screw conveyor has no safety facilities such as cover plate or protective cover on the upper part of 10CM wide gap, which is an important reason for the accident.

3. Cement plant safety production management is weak, the system is not implemented, the obvious hidden trouble has not been eliminated.

Enlightenment and corrective measures:

We will strengthen skill training for all positions, standardize the use of safe labor protection equipment, and intensify supervision and supervision.