Actual domestic cases

Actual domestic cases

Jan 14, 2020

Actual domestic cases

A. In March 2003, the father of an employee of the lanzhou branch of China national petroleum corporation received a call from his daughter's unit, saying that meng, who was doing packaging work in the high-density ethylene workshop of the company's petrochemical plant, had died after being inserted into a packaging machine at about 5 p.m. that day. After 6 hours, meng mou thinks after careful inspection scene, the daughter is in machine stop to carry on the repair, someone started the power button, caused the daughter to be clamped dead thereby.

2. In February 2008, in a plastic compound mixing factory in waigaoqiao, pudong new area, a technician accidentally slipped and fell into the running machine while repairing a predictor with stirring function. His workmate immediately shut down the machine, and the factory immediately called the police for help. Firefighters and 120 first responders were quickly on the scene. After about 2 hours, people were rescued but died.

The golden rule

Energy system isolation for any mechanical, electrical, process, hydraulic, and other installations shall be performed only if:

The release method for isolating and storing energy must be agreed upon and performed by competent personnel;

All stored energy has been released;

Use of significant locking and calibration systems at isolation points;

Conduct tests to confirm the effectiveness of isolation;

Periodically test the effectiveness of isolation.