Analysis of the cause of Bhopal shock accident

Analysis of the cause of Bhopal shock accident

Apr 22, 2020

The incident occurred in a hardware factory in shenzhen, in order to improve work efficiency, the workers illegally blocked the interlock device on the safety door, and did not according to the provisions of the shutdown and power outages listed for maintenance, the result was die casting machine extrusion to death! In the video, the worker can be seen entering the machine, only two or three seconds later, the head was locked.

Remember, die-casting machines are dangerous energy equipment! The slightest oversight can cause serious injury! When checking and maintenance must implement LOTO, for life on the lock, for safety tag!

Analysis of the cause of Bhopal shock accident

Maintenance personnel did not apply for operation permit before operation;

No blind panels are installed to achieve isolation; Because of corrosion, the valve on the tank feed pipe has internal leakage;

During the process, the flushing water enters the MIC tank through the valve;

Exothermic reaction, increase of temperature and pressure in storage tank;

The relevant temperature and pressure instruments did not work normally, and the operators in the control room did not timely detect the abnormal changes in the working conditions of the storage tank;

Before the accident, the actual temperature of MIC in the storage tank was about 15-20 ℃ (ambient temperature);

The amount of steam exceeds the washing capacity of the scrubber by 200 times;

The torch system is under repair and is not burning.