Application of power source control

Application of power source control

Nov 24, 2020

Application of power source control

Power source isolation and Lock out/tag out activities are performed by authorized and trained employees during maintenance and repair

Before you can execute the Lock out/tag out activity, you must pass all employees in your area

OSHA standards stipulate that control of hazardous power sources should follow the following six-step procedure

1. Prepare before closing

Before turning off any device and preparing to Lock out/tag out, you must know:

Type and number of power sources used by the equipment

Danger of power source

How can power sources be controlled

2. Turn off the device

Shut down the system by using its operational control function

Follow the correct procedures for the device so that you don't endanger anyone during device shutdown

3. Equipment isolation

Use power source isolation device to ensure complete isolation between equipment and power source

Ensure isolation of all power sources - both primary and secondary power sources

Do not strain the electrical switch under load

Do not remove fuses in place of power cuts