Audit of locked procedures

Audit of locked procedures

Oct 12, 2019

Audit of locked procedures

The locked procedure must be audited by the department head to ensure that it is carried out. The industrial safety officer should also spot check the procedure.

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Was the employee notified when the lock was made?

Have all energy sources been turned off, removed and locked?

Are the locking tools available and in use?

Has the employee confirmed that the energy is gone?

When the machine is repaired and ready to be started

Are employees away from machines?

Have all tools and so on been cleared?

Has the protection device returned to operation?

Is it unlocked by the locked employee?

Have other employees been notified that the lock has been removed before the machine is returned to operation?

Are all machines and equipment and their locking procedures and methods cleaned by qualified employees?

Audit frequency

The internal audit of the department head shall be conducted at least every 2 months.

The safety officer also reviews the procedure at least four times a year.


This procedure may be suspended with the written approval of the department manager and proper and effective protective equipment provided that some air pipes, water pipes, tubing, etc., are shut down and the normal operation of the plant will be affected.

When it is necessary to find out the cause of intermittent failure of the machine when the machine is in operation, this procedure may be temporarily suspended with the written approval of the department manager and adequate safety precautions.