Blackout locking procedure

Blackout locking procedure

Oct 29, 2019

Blackout locking procedure

The maintenance person in charge shall handle the work ticket in the electromechanical workshop before maintenance.

The working ticket issuer shall review the work ticket contents and switch items submitted by the electrical operator, sign the work ticket after confirmation, issue "electric lock" to the electrical operator, issue "collective lock" to the maintenance person in charge, and register the lock number on the stop transmission ticket.

The operator of electric power failure and the maintenance person in charge shall go to the electrical room at the same time to implement the power failure isolation, locking plate and locking measures of maintenance equipment.

The operator of electric power failure shall perform the opening and power failure isolation on the maintenance equipment, and lock the isolation point after confirming that the electrical equipment has an obvious breaking point (the first lock, the electric lock shall be mounted); Explain by the electrical operator. After the maintenance manager confirms the operation of the electrical power failure operator, lock the isolation point (the second way, hang the collective lock) and hang the safety warning sign.

After the lock is completed and confirmed to be correct, the head of workshop maintenance will take the key of the collective lock back to the workshop and put it into the individual lock box.

Power failure unlocking procedure

1. After the inspection and maintenance operation is finished, the inspection and maintenance person in charge shall check the maintenance site, confirm that all maintenance personnel involved in the maintenance are removed from the maintenance site, and the maintenance safety measures shall be restored. The maintenance personnel shall first remove their individual locks, and the inspection and maintenance person in charge shall take the collective lock key and stoppage work ticket to the electromechanical workshop for the transmission ticket.

2. The electrical operator and the maintenance person in charge must carefully check the maintenance site to confirm that there is no hidden danger in the maintenance site, all safety protection facilities have been restored, and the unlocking shall be carried out after meeting the unlocking conditions.

3. Confirm again that there is no mistake and after unlocking, the electrical operator will delisting and send power.