Blackout maintenance tagout system 2

Blackout maintenance tagout system 2

May 18, 2019

tag management

The safety tag plate belongs to the electrical tools of each branch, which shall be supervised by the electrical factory director or the electrician monitor of each branch. The electrician of each branch shall keep it after receiving it. If there is any damage, the old shall be replaced with new.

The safety tag board is customized by the ministry of electric power, one for each person, including the words "someone working, no closing" and the user's name, mobile phone number, etc. The sign must be used exclusively by the user himself, and it is forbidden to lend it to others.

The electrical factory director or electrician monitor shall check the safety tag signs of the branch company every month. Check the contents including the number of warning signs to verify the identification should be clear.

3. Use timing of tag

Time of use: when the electrician overhaul personnel overhaul the electrical circuit or electrical equipment, it is necessary to contact the live parts of the circuit or electrical equipment, it is necessary to disconnect the power supply and hang the "someone working, do not close the switch"tag.

He was tag for succession

If the work that has already been listed cannot be completed until the next shift or the next day, the person who replaces the employee must first be listed, and then the person who has been replaced can take down the tag sign.