Breaker switch lockout

Breaker switch lockout

Oct 31, 2020

Breaker switch lockout

Versatility and maximum grip strength

Simple and reliable locking method requires only simple manual tightening and clamping of clamps

The unique design is suitable for almost all types of circuit breaker switches

491BMCN is suitable for high and wide switches

493BMCN for standard height switches

Narrow designs can be used side by side and next to each other

Light device, then carry, then store

Both designs match the diameters of all safety locks and buckles

Durable dusted steel and reinforced polymer structures can be used in harsh environments


Adjustable cable lockout

The length of steel cable can be adjusted at will in different application occasions. It is widely used in chemical industry, electric power industry and petroleum exploitation industry

The combination of safety buckles and cables is ideal for multi-point breaker switch panels and parallel gate valves for locking

A tough, flexible, multi-strand wire rope with vinyl coating to insulate the cable ends through the lock point and back through the lock body for securing.

Durable and lightweight thermal plastics resistant to chemical corrosion; Can work effectively in extreme environments

Bright color, can be permanently written label (Chinese or English) to identify the operator