Case analysis of work safety accidents

Case analysis of work safety accidents

Apr 16, 2019

Definition of accident and related concepts

2. Definition: accident refers to an accident that occurs suddenly against people's will in the process of carrying out purposeful activities and may cause temporary or permanent suspension of purposeful activities, causing casualties or (and) property losses. Simply put, all events that cause personal injury, production interruption or loss of state property are collectively referred to as accidents.

2. Accident characteristics:


Chance and necessity


3. Hazards: may cause the root or state of Shanghai personnel, occupational diseases, property losses and damage to the working environment.

4. Danger: the combination of the possibility and consequences of a particular dangerous event.

5. Risk and hazard factors: factors that can cause casualties or affect people's physical health or even cause diseases, and cause sudden or chronic damage to objects.

6. Risk factors (emphasis on sudden and instantaneous effects)

7. Hazard factors (emphasis on accumulation within a certain time range)

8. Hidden danger of accidents: generally refers to the dangerous state of things that can lead to accidents in the existing system, as well as the unsafe behavior of people and defects in management.