Case study of Lockout tagout5

Case study of Lockout tagout5

Sep 15, 2019

Case 5 

Accident description: in 2012, Bangkok chemical fiber co., LTD. Gas canister exploded and caught fire in maapu industrial park, rayong province, Thailand. The explosion was very powerful. Shortly after the explosion, the building caught fire and produced a lot of smoke. More than 60 workers were at work at the time of the explosion and fire, which killed 12 people and injured more than 100 others.

The cause of the accident: the workers did not follow the safety procedures when cleaning the toluene production line due to the shutdown period, which caused the toluene to catch fire due to exposure to overheating environment.

Improvement method: when repairing and cleaning chemical pipeline, try to empty the gas, liquid and pressure in the pipeline, and lock it up. If the object inside the pipe has special requirements for the temperature conditions, it should be operated by professional equipment when discharging residual energy.

Case 6 

Accident description: a maintenance worker in a manufacturing plant cleans and fastens the control panel of the electric cabinet. His colleague tells him that the control panel has been cut off and Lockout tagout. Maintenance personnel did not check again by themselves, then open the electric cabinet and directly operate. However, the fact that colleagues did not safely cut the main power supply, maintenance personnel were injured by electric shock.

Accident cause: the maintenance staff's colleagues only shut out part of the power supply of the control panel and conducted Lockout tagout, but did not shut out the main power supply; Maintenance personnel before the operation did not personally check whether the power supply is closed, also did not use the pen to check whether the circuit board is live, then directly operate.

Ways to improve: do not put their own safety completely entrusted to the hands of others, the division of labor between colleagues to communicate well in advance; Make sure that energy isolation and Lockout tagout are strictly carried out before operation and be sure to measure whether the equipment is live with a pen before operation.