Cause of damage without energy isolation

Cause of damage without energy isolation

Aug 17, 2019

Cause of damage without energy isolation

Not stopping the machine or equipment

No energy is really cut off

It doesn't eliminate the residual energy

Accidentally turn on a device that has been turned off

The work site is not actually cleaned up before restarting

Pressure system test confirmation

Make sure the voltmeter is calibrated

Set the voltmeter range at the right voltage.

Test a strange voltage.

Check the hazard area with a voltmeter and confirm that it is zero voltage.

Measure the unfamiliar voltage again to confirm that the voltmeter is working properly.

Common system isolation principles

Hydraulic, pneumatic, steam drive - isolate all inlet and outlet lines

Engine drive - isolated fuel supply system and start-up system

Power drive - isolate the main circuit of the power supply

Isolate potential mechanical movement risks