Work safety inspection

Work safety inspection

Nov 26, 2019


To ensure job security, the operator may request additional isolation and Lockout tagout. When the operator is in doubt about the effectiveness of the isolation and locking, he/she may request that all isolation points be tested again.

When using a safety lock, a warning sign should be attached to the lock, and the lock must be listed. Under special circumstances, such as special size of the valve or the power switch cannot be locked, confirmed, need to prepare the energy isolation scheme, confirmed by the field top apanage management, after written approval, can hang a warning sign, only don't locked, must implement the specialist care, and adopt the corresponding protective measures, to ensure that the energy isolation or accidental release, workers can get effective protection.

After Lockout tagout, it should be confirmed by test or test that hazardous energy and materials have been removed or isolated. For all the equipment with electrical hazards, electric test or discharge grounding test should be carried out after power failure.