Check for problems and defects during maintenance

Check for problems and defects during maintenance

Oct 24, 2020

Check for problems and defects during maintenance

1. Lack of energy isolation and Lock out Tag out (LOTO) hypervisor, and no system identification of the isolation point. Management and personnel were not aware of the risks.

2. The isolation points were not managed effectively. If no valve/switch is available for locking. In practice, the valve/switch was misoperated (opened) by others. And accidentally started the equipment, injured the maintenance personnel.

3. Multiple people working at the same time, unable to coordinate. During the inspection and maintenance, especially in the debugging stage after the maintenance, on-site coordination cannot be achieved. When there are still personnel carrying out maintenance or inspection, the equipment starts to hurt on-site personnel.

Lockey can provide you with the following services.

Identify current risk improvement opportunities for energy isolation and equipment maintenance in your company.

Establish procedures for energy isolation and tag locking.

Provide relevant consultation and personnel training.

Provides isolation and locking of devices.

Energy isolation related to the field safety audit