Chemical plant safety management 2

Chemical plant safety management 2

May 18, 2020

2 / on October 13, 2002, a fire and explosion occurred at the first chemical company (FCC) plant in pascagra, Mississippi. The breakdown of mononitrotoluene (MNT) in the distillation tower led to a runaway reaction and an explosion that caused severe damage outside the plant area and injured three people.

The no.1 distillation tower that exploded was the first of three at the plant, measuring 2.1 meters in diameter and 145 meters in height. Five weeks before the incident, no. 1 distillation tower was shut down and in standby mode.

During the shutdown, 1,200 gallons of MNT were left in the tower and heated through a leaking steam pipe.

In the days leading up to the explosion, the heated MNT began to break down, forming unstable chemicals that led to runaway reactions and explosions that injured three workers, damaged plant equipment and caused several fires.

CSB found that the FCC plant lacked an effective system to assess the risk of continuous processing of MNT and to share the information obtained from the risk analysis.

3/on August 28, 2008, at 10:35 p.m., two people were killed when the Bayer CropScience plant exploded after a reaction in a waste solution processor at the methanovil plant got out of control.

The powder is flammable, spreads through the air and can cause an explosion, and production involves a complex series of chemical reactions. Due to the production requirements of time, will consume more power processor in the DCS system and the wastewater after the processor to replace, operators have no time to be familiar with the new operating system, instrument equipment debugging, inspection work is not completed, the production department not seriously to complete before driving safety review (PSSR) work, lead to a high concentration of consumed more power into the waste stream processor, with the increase of temperature, will consume more broken down slowly, but I can't detect operator, wait until the temperature is close to 135 ℃ or so, will consume more rapid decomposition, lead to temperature and pressure rapid rise, the gas quantity more than the relief valve discharge capacity, It caused the overpressure explosion of waste liquid processor and caused the fire.

After CSB investigation, it was found that the explosion accident was caused by the process safety management (PSM) of bayer crop science plant which was out of control. For example, the process safety assessment (PHA) was insufficient to identify significant risks. Defects in process change management (moc-t); Process safety audit management (AD) defects; Defects in organization change management (moc-p); Especially before driving safety review management (PSSR) severe defects, bayer to redesign will consume more power control system, replacing the waste liquor processor, but not before driving carefully manage the safety review before driving (PSSR), and the safety review before driving management (PSSR) mistakenly some actual unfinished item id has been completed.