Circulating pump maintenance

Circulating pump maintenance

I. preparation before disassembly and assembly:

1. Understand equipment failure and on-site environment of maintenance, and master the electrical control principle of water pump; Organize maintenance personnel, appoint the person in charge of maintenance, and assign specific items of maintenance work.

2. Prepare maintenance and hoisting tools, auxiliary items (such as: miter ladder, batten, board, twine, safety protection equipment), and measuring instruments (current clamp type meter, type 500 insulation meter). Transfer everything prepared to the maintenance site.

3. Contact the engineering supervisor of the management office, and ask for the cooperation of personnel to disconnect the power supply of the equipment for maintenance and put up the sign board. Maintenance personnel (electrician) do a good job in inspection and verification; (if it is frequency conversion control, in addition to disconnect the power supply of the frequency conversion circuit of the maintenance pump, it is also necessary to disconnect the power supply of the power frequency circuit of the maintenance pump); Take appropriate preventive protection measures.

4, according to the maintenance site environment, climate, make the corresponding ventilation measures; (for example: turn on the on-site exhaust fan, or temporarily add electric fan).

5, according to the maintenance site to do the necessary ground, facilities, equipment protection, to ensure the safety of people and equipment in the whole maintenance process. 1. Disassemble the motor:

A. According to the actual situation on the maintenance site (such as installing lifting hooks), hang hoisting equipment (hoist, wire rope, pull rope).

B. Check the hook, rope buckle and hoist lock, and test the lifting center of gravity of the lifting motor; C. Remove the motor power cord and remove the connecting screw between the motor and the pump body; Remove connection screws for motor and pump coupling. D. Hoist the motor. When the motor is separated from the water pump for a certain distance, tighten the drawstring to lower the motor slowly (in the process of lowering, prevent the motor from shifting its center of gravity, damaging equipment and injuring people); After the motor is placed flat on the board, pull out the coupling with pull code, remove the motor wind cover and take out the blade.

E. Check the insulation of the motor windings with a meter and make records; Then make the removal mark, screw out the front and rear end cover plate of the motor, and take out the end cover plate.