Collective locked

Collective locked

The collective locking program was once called the keybox program. This program helps reduce the number of locks used. Save time. If a group of workers needs to repair a particular machine or equipment, especially if a large number of energy isolators need to be locked, the collective locking program can be used.

A written set of collective locking procedures must be prepared by a person familiar with the locking procedures prior to the commencement of collective locking. This written procedure must be clearly posted where the machine or equipment is to be used.

In the collective locking program, two qualified workers lock each energy isolation unit, while other maintenance workers do not need to lock each energy isolation unit. The keys of the two persons will be kept in a safe place - for example, a box that can be locked, or a box that can be sealed with a convex seal so that the box cannot be opened without authorization.

The eligible worker must be a worker who is familiar with the work and understands the risks involved. He will also know how to apply books, training and experience to find ways to expose himself to danger. The duties of the two eligible workers include:

Lock all energy isolators on your own.

Keep the lock key well. The key shall be locked in the case or use an approved convex seal.

Fill in, sign and post a list of all locked machines or equipment.