Complex group lock hangings

Complex group lock hangings

Aug 22, 2019

Complex group lock hangings

When multiple energy isolation devices use Lockout tagout to protect the affected work activities, but not directly by each individual licensor, and at least two of the following conditions are met:

There are a lot of energy isolation devices or a lot of authorized people involved;

Energy gives longer time;

Energy isolation devices are relatively inaccessible;

System components are interdependent and interact with each other.

The management shall assign special personnel to be responsible, and use the work permit system, control board and other methods that can continuously hold relevant personnel accountable to ensure that all members of the group achieve the same level of protection, and verify the effectiveness of energy isolation.

Change shifts or people

There should be detailed procedures for shift or turnover to ensure continuity of lock hangings, including rules for orderly handover of lock hangings between off-duty and on-duty authorized personnel to minimize the risk of accidental activation or activation.