Conduct energy isolation activities

Conduct energy isolation activities

Aug 01, 2020

Conduct "energy isolation" activities

"Mr. Guo, the guardrail at the rotating part of your belt is not firmly fixed. It does not meet the protection standard of 'energy isolation'. Please make rectification according to the standard in time." A few days ago, Yang Junjun, deputy director of safety supervision department of Zhai Town Coal Mine, put forward rectification opinions on the protection of "energy isolation" in the integrated excavation 1 area during the on-site safety inspection of the return air lane at 6403W.

In order to further improve the protection standard of "energy hazard" at the construction site and standardize the provision of various protection facilities, Zhai Zhen Coal Mine Innovation organization carried out "energy isolation" activities. This mine has formulated and issued the activity documents for carrying out "energy isolation", and formulated the implementation standards for "energy isolation", respectively from the aspects of rotation position isolation, electrical equipment isolation, blasting hazard isolation, hazardous chemicals isolation, occupational hazard isolation, and individual behavior isolation.

"The 'Energy Isolation for Safety' campaign is a good safety management innovation. Through in-depth analysis and inspection of 'energy hazards' on the site, protection standards are formulated and on-site construction is guided to ensure safe production." The mine safety bureau director Duan Xitao introduced to the author.

In order to ensure the implementation effect of the activity throughout the whole year, Zhai Zhen Coal Mine formulated the implementation plan of "energy isolation" activity. This activity is divided into two stages: self-examination and self-reform stage and consolidation and promotion stage. In the check list from the change of phase, request the construction units to in charge of the operational activities within the scope of the equipment and facilities, self-check, establish protective measures TAB, TAB details the project, protection standards, specific measures, responsible, the safety and other related functional departments after approval, the construction unit shall, in accordance with the standard concrete implementation. In the consolidation and promotion stage, each construction unit is required to update the statistical table of protective measures month by month according to the implementation effect, and the site is strictly isolated in accordance with the standards. The Work Safety Supervision Office checks the activities of each unit every month, and notifies and evaluates those units with unfavorable activities to ensure the effects of activities.

"By organizing and carrying out 'energy isolation' activities, we can better understand various energy hazards in the construction site and further clarify various energy isolation protection standards to ensure the safety of the construction site." Guo Hanqing, head of the First comprehensive Excavation district, praised the energy isolation activities carried out at the mine.

Since the launch of the "energy isolation" activity, more than 30 hidden dangers in the isolation and protection of Zhai Zhen Coal mine have been inspected and rectified.

"In the future, 'energy isolation' activities should continue to be innovatively carried out, further standardize the isolation standards and refine the details of activities to ensure that the activities really play a role in promoting safety. At the same time, all units should actively cooperate to truly discover some on-site safety problems from the activities, and timely summarize some advanced management experience worthy of promotion to ensure on-site safety production.