Conduct safety observation implementation - clear accountability

Conduct safety observation implementation - clear accountability

Jan 21, 2021

Conduct safety observation implementation - clear accountability

One of the principles of Safety Watch is that as a manager, supervisor, or team leader, you are responsible for the safety performance of employees in your area. This includes the physical area where you work, everyone who comes into your area, and people who report to you (no matter where they work). Your responsibility for safety is greater than those who report to you

Determine the standard

Safety standards are the policy requirements and measures you set for safety. If your safety standards are set high, you will ensure a workplace free of unsafe conditions. Not only do you work safely yourself, but you expect your employees to follow safe work practices at all times. If you set high safety standards, you don't accept that some injuries are inevitable. Instead, you believe that you and your employees have a responsibility to work safely

Avoid the repetition of unsafe behavior

Communicate properly with employees to understand why their behavior is unsafe and how they can work safely

Help employees understand that it is in their own interest to avoid unsafe behavior, and they will be more willing to work safely, even if they are not under supervision

Ensuring that the reasons behind safe operations are understood requires familiarity with the risks associated with the working environment, tools and equipment to help them make and reinforce safe operations decisions and actions

To find out and analyze the root causes of unsafe behaviors, it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of employees' information, including physical and psychological aspects, and have targeted communication and guidance