Conduct Safety Watch Implementation - Stop Blaming

Conduct Safety Watch Implementation - Stop Blaming

Jan 23, 2021

Conduct Safety Watch Implementation - Stop Blaming

In Safety Watch, we emphasize that the purpose of observing safety is not to blame others, but rather to encourage everyone to work together to create a safe workplace, which cannot be achieved if people blame others for safety problems

People's behavior creates safe and insecure situations, and if the organization allows unsafe situations, employees will think that safety is not necessary. If the organization encourages safe work at all times, people will recognize the value of safety

Because your organization values safety, you are attending a safety watch training program. Remember that your goal is not to "catch" your employees, but to work with others to build a stronger safety system

At the beginning, the responsibility for safety is placed in the hands of the manager or supervisor, with little emphasis on employee participation. This approach works, but the drawback is that employees are kept out of the safety effort

In the next phase employees are integrated into the organization's safety efforts and are responsible for their own safety. Advantage is staff involved, but not responsible for the safety of others involved the last and most effective stage, is to let employees, managers and supervisors are responsible for the safety of others, in this culture, everyone will care about the people around, employees can freely with the manager and supervisor to discuss safety, security conversation between colleagues are also encouraged to, security is a can at any time to discuss topics with anyone. Your observational training can help your organization achieve the highest level of safety - a mutually supportive safety culture