Dangers faced by eyes and face in daily work

Dangers faced by eyes and face in daily work

Jul 30, 2020

Mechanical hazards: impact, dust, solid particles, grit

Consequences: corneal injury or perforation, tearing iris, cloudy lens.

Chemical hazards: droplets and liquid splashes, solvents, aerosols, acids, alkalis, cement, mortar, etc.

Consequences: corneal burn or turbidity, viral infection, acute conjunctivitis, ulcer.

Radioactive hazard: infrared, ultraviolet, laser, strong light

Consequences: Cataract, keratoconjunctivitis, retinal damage or burns, lens opacity.

Risk of electric shock: direct contact, arc caused by short circuit

Consequences: retinal burns, corneal damage (solid particles), lens damage.

High temperature hazard: high temperature liquid, molten material, flame

Consequences: Serious eye injuries, corneal clouding.

Wear eye and face protector to avoid 90% of eye accidents