Device exclusive Lockout tagout

Device exclusive Lockout tagout

Mar 23, 2021

Device exclusive Lockout tagout- hazardous energy control procedure

The enterprise shall establish a written LOTO procedure for the equipment

The enterprise shall establish a written LOTO procedure for the equipment

Except in the following cases:

When the energy isolation steps and the location of the energy isolation devices are the same for all devices, a program can be applied to multiple similar devices.

Devices with a single power source controlled by wires and plugs do not require device-specific LOTO procedures when the disconnected plug is under the control of an authorized person at all times.


Is there any regulatory requirement for Lockout Tagout Loto?

A. In China, there are no federal regulations as issued by the U.S. Occupational Health, Safety and Health Administration, but the requirements of Lockout Tagout Loto are clearly stated in many Chinese administrative regulations and national standards. Provisions similar to the Lockout Tagout Loto are covered in various regulations and standards, including safety procedures for hazardous energy control, equipment maintenance and repair, and the Lockout Tagout Recommended Standard GBT33579 was issued in 2017. Examples of other regulations and standards are as follows:

GB5083 General Rules for Safety and Hygiene Design of Production Equipment

GB52261 Safety of machinery - Mechanical electrical equipment - Part 1: General technical requirements

GB/T 19670 Safety of machinery to prevent accidental start-up

GB/T 24612.2 Safety requirements for applications of electrical equipment -- Part 2: Safety measures for operation under power off