Do not shut down the equipment

Do not shut down the equipment

Mar 18, 2020

Do not shut down the equipment

Accident history:

In May 2004, a company workshop intern guo in the equipment startup debugging, slow running process, found that there are impurities on the steel plate illegal to wipe, the result accidentally the right arm into the equipment, the right arm was squeezed and broken. He was rushed to hospital.

Cause of accident:

1. It is the direct cause of the accident that guo illegally wiped the machine under the condition of Lockout tagout.

Accident liability:

1. Guo's violation of regulations led to the accident, and he is mainly responsible for the accident.

2. The team leader, safety officer and sub-factory of the business division fail to timely check and stop the violation of rules and regulations on the scene, which is the indirect cause of the accident and shall be responsible for management.

Accident warning:

1. Anyone in any situation, must act in accordance with the rules and regulations, do not blindly, risk illegal operation, any instant illegal behavior may lead to bad results.

2. In this case, the operator violates the operating rules of the equipment and enters the equipment in violation of regulations. Without taking any preventive measures, the operator wipes the rotating machine without permission, resulting in accidents.

3. Personnel at all levels of production experience units should put safety in the first place, and truly achieve safety first. If safety is considered in advance, and attention is paid to the control of violations, accidents can be avoided.