Duty of Lockout/Tagout System

Duty of Lockout/Tagout System

Aug 22, 2018

As for someone who is to manage, he has to draft the procedure of Lockout/Tagout, check and update related information for a better management.before the operation, he has to provide related equipment and safety lockouts for workers. After the operation, he has to vertify whether the system is smooth going.

    As for someone who is to supervise, he has to make sure the operators are seriously carrying out their work and all equipments are in good conditions. He also has to undertake the service and maintenance of isolation points that need to be locked.

    As for someone who is to operate, he has to operate the Lockout/Tagout system as regulated. When meeting with some specific difficulties at the procedure of lockout, he has to report the revelant information to supervisor seeking for solution.