Effective safety measures in equipment maintenance work 1

Effective safety measures in equipment maintenance work 1

Jun 04, 2019

Effective safety measures in equipment maintenance

In enterprise production activities, the use of equipment and facilities more and more widely, it not only has greatly raised Labour productivity, reduces the manufacturing cost, brought huge economic benefits for the enterprise, and it also replaced the people in some more dangerous, work environment is bad place or area, improve people's working environment, reduce the hazard risk in the process of the people in the job.

In the long-term use of equipment and facilities, parts and components of the equipment will inevitably be damaged or damaged, which needs to be repaired and maintained regularly. In the maintenance process of equipment repair, due to unexpected pneumatic or sudden call, or the sudden release of internal energy, personnel may receive Shanghai. Therefore, in the maintenance of equipment and facilities, enterprises need to formulate and take effective safety protection measures to prevent the occurrence of personal injury accidents in the maintenance process.

Power energy for equipment and facilities mainly includes electric energy, hydraulic energy, pneumatic energy, etc. They drive equipment and facilities to work through their operating mechanism or transmission device, so as to achieve the purpose of production and manufacturing. These power sources are usually controlled by control devices. Turn on the energy control device to provide the required energy for the equipment and facilities to operate normally; Cut off the energy control so that the equipment stops working. But, after some equipment to stop running, stored in the device internal motivation, such as liquid, gas pressure, static pressure, etc.) has not been completely cut off, because other man-made wrong operation or touch the start button, when people enter the equipment internal maintenance operations, equipment and facilities will release part of the stored energy or accidental activation, which will cause personal injury accidents. For example, when the maintenance personnel is working on the rotating position or moving parts of the equipment, the moving parts of the equipment will cause mechanical damage to the operators due to the sudden electrification of the machine and equipment. If maintenance personnel work on live parts, wires, electrical components, because the power control switch is closed, will lead to electric shock injury. When the control valve is accidentally opened during the maintenance of pressure equipment or pipeline equipment, it will be squeezed or hit Shanghai; When operating in high temperature, flammable or harmful gas pipeline, its control valve is accidentally opened, will cause high temperature scald, poisoning or fire explosion accident.

To prevent the sudden release of energy during the maintenance of equipment and facilities