Electric lockout

Electric lockout

Jan 21, 2019

Electrical locking should pay attention to the following aspects:

-- the main power supply switch is the main locking point of the electrical drive equipment, and the attached control equipment such as the on-site start/stop switch cannot be used as the locking point. -- if the voltage is lower than 220V, unplugging the power plug can be regarded as effective isolation, if the plug is not in the line of sight of the operator, the plug should be locked and listed to prevent others from mistakenly plugging. 

-- when the circuit with fuse and relay control panel power supply mode cannot be locked, false fuse shall be installed and warning sign shall be added. -- if it is necessary to work on exposed electrical wires or components, the upper level electrical switch should be disconnected by the electrical professional or visually confirmed that the switch has been disconnected. If it is impossible to visually inspect the state of the switch, the fuse can be removed or the voltage can be measured or the wire can be removed to replace it.

Electric equipment with remote control function cannot only rely on the start button on site to test and confirm whether the power supply is disconnected or not

The system end must be placed in the "in place" or "off" state and locked and listed.